Service & Repair

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Vehicle Service & Repair

Put your mind at relieve and let the trusted experts look after your vehicle. Repair your car at KENFIX 4X4.

fit & Balance of Tyres

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Supply fit & Balance of Tyres

Our unimpeachable tyre fitting service and stock means that we will be able to supply, fit & balance new tyres to your vehicle quickly and proficiently to your budget.


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Ironman 4x4 and Avenger 4X4 dealer

KENFIX 4X4 is your local Ironman 4x4 and now also Avenger 4X4 dealer near your door step.


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Ironman 4x4 and Avenger 4X4 Accessories

On road or off the beaten track, Australia's first preference for Ironman 4x4 and Avenger 4X4 Accessories is KENFIX 4X4.

Wheels and Tyres

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Dynamic Wheels and Tyres

KENFIX 4X4 offers the hottest and toughest dynamic wheels in the market today. Not only will your 4x4 look the hottest out there, these wheels are built tough to go off road smoothly.

Recoveries & Rescue

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24 hr 4x4 Off Road Recoveries & 4/4 Rescue

Broken down in the bush? Stuck on a sandflat? Bogged in a billabong? Trapped by the tide? Don’t strain – call KENFIX 4X4 to get you out of that sticky circumstances, wherever you’ve injured. Off-road, 4/4, all terrain, from tidal flats to arid desert sand, we have the equipment and the know-how to get it fixed and do it swift.

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